My Fur Hat


Format: 16 mm, colour
Time: 7 minutes
Genre: narrative
Year: 2005

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MY FUR HAT tells the story of a girl, her hat and a moment that changed her life forever.

Adult Kate opens a box and finds a child’s hat. When removing the hat from the box, she is overcome by a memory of an event that happened in the winter of 1972. Young Kate is seven years old and being taunted by her classmates because of the fur hat she wears. She desperately tries to lose the hat only to find out that everyone associates her with the hat. But it is only when Young Kate successfully loses the hat that she realizes the how much she loves that hat. The film ends with Adult Kate returning the hat to the box and being reminded of the words of 19 th century British writer, George Eliot, “It is never too late to be what we might have been.”


Cast and Crew


Sierra Slegtenhorst


Nancy Blais

Adult Kate

Laurie Stewart


Michel Carbonneau

Bus Driver

Sheila Thurlow


Paige Fogal
Alexandre Renaud
Zachary Fogal
Sam Rubinoff
Charlotte Freve
James Vuckovic
Katherine Millington
Kevin Vuckovic
Kelly Moore
Margot Whittington

School Children

Kelly Ann Beaton



Writer/Director/Producer – Kelly Ann Beaton
Director of Photography – Dan Sokolowski
Assistant Director – Heather Ritchie 
Camera – Dan Sokolowski 
Assistant Camera – Peter Mann 
Sound – David Dollard 
Key Grip – Sylvie Brownlow 
Continuity – Heather Ritchie 
Child Wrangler – Chris Biggs
Editor – Kelly Ann Beaton 
Sound Editing – Kelly Ann BeatonPeter Mann 
Music – Ian LeFeuvrePeter von Althen (Drums and Percussion)
Production Assistants – Nathalie DumaisLouis MarcotteSara Ann OglestoneKaty Rubinoff


Kate’s Song (2005) composed and performed by Ian LeFeuvre.

Production Company

Pink Slippers Productions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada