Format: 16 mm, colour
Time: 8 minutes
Genre: drama
Year: 2002


It is increasing common for humans to seek intimacy through things rather than through each other. The fear of rejection can lead many to seek solace in routine and repetition. The Organist tells the story of an organist whose life is forever altered by a chance meeting with a boy.

On his way to morning mass, the Organist (Moe Romanow) basks in the happiness of his life, his music and his love for an organ. His world is shattered when he is confronted with a letter from the Priest (Geoff White), with the news that his musical services are no longer needed. His final musical performance draws the attention of a Boy (Macallan Guinta) playing outside the church. Mesmorized by the music, the Boy enters the church and hides, waiting for his moment to play the organ. The Boy’s spontaneous performance is interrupted with the return of the organist. Together they play a piece of music that transcends their fear of the unknown and forges a friendship.


Cast and Crew


Moe Romanow (Organist)

A veteran of the Ottawa theatre scene, Moe launched his next career in theatre following his retirement from engineering, a decade ago. He has performed in countless number of plays and musicals in Ottawa including the Ottawa Little Theatre, Orpheus Musical Theatre Society, and Tara Irish Players. Moe has also appeared in a number of local independent films.

Geoff White (Priest)

A hard working bureaucrat by day, Geoff’s love of acting and singing now finds him on stage almost every night of the week. From numerous performances with the Tara Irish Players to being part of the chorus in Brian Macdonald’s recent presentation of Verdi’s Requiem, he relishes every part no matter how big or small.

Macallan Guinta (Boy)

Although this is Macallan’s first film, he is a natural. Only 6 years old when he appeared in The Organist, Macallan has gone on to appear in a number of musicals with Orpheus Musical Theatre and is a member of the Opera Lyra’s boys choir.


Director – Kelly Ann Beaton
Producer – Kelly Ann Beaton
Writer – Kelly Ann Beaton
Cinematographer – Dan Sokolowski
Camera Assistant – Dan Gainsford
Key Grip – Peter Mann
Continuity – Janet Sillifant
Film Editor – Kelly Ann Beaton
Sound Recording – Peter Mann
Recorded by – Michel Renaud
Organist – Gordon Johnston
Production Assistants – Nathalie Dumais, Kiran Hanspal, Cait Hurcomb, Sanjay Mohanta, Cynthia Waugh
Production Company – Pink Slippers Productions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada